TOT on Victim Identification Guidelines

24th-25th August, 2017

Training Course for Trainers in Lao PDR on Victim Identification Guidelines, Vientiane, Lao PDR.

“As victim protection, interview and assistance were my main role and responsibilities, I found that knowledge and skill from AAPTIP’s ToT (on Trafficking in Persons identification) was very important and relevant. It was contributing and improving to my current interview skill, presentation skill, and training knowledge, which includes training development and training techniques. Apart from the training techniques, I would say that I have a better understanding of the difference of TIP and other crimes, importance of TIP victim interview and of victim’s rights. It was really relevant and were applied in my training development and interview victims in our shelter.”

Ms. Vanaly Inphaphom, Deputy Head of Protection Division, The Centre for Counselling & Protection for Women and Children, Lao Women Union

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